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About Dunn Solutions

About Dunn Solutions

Dunn Solutions is a digital commerce and business transformation consultancy focused on delivering velocity to our clients. Velocity is achieved by the combination of both speed and direction. Dunn Solutions helps our clients achieve speed by automating business processes and direction using advanced analytics. Our teams align with organizations to optimize their unique processes and help them discover the most profitable routes to business success.

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Digital Solutions & Development

Our Digital Solutions team leverages the latest portal, e-commerce, marketing automation and mobile technologies for companies of all sizes to help them achieve their business objectives.

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Business Analytics

Our Business Analytics Consultants design, develop and deliver advanced analytics solutions for companies operating across a range of market sectors – from BI software deployments, to machine learning initiatives, to data warehouse storage and business intelligence architecture.

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Who We Are

Dunn Solutions has been delivering Velocity to organizations since our inception in 1988. Our experts design, develop, and deliver solutions to organizations across all industries and we maintain strong partnerships with top technology companies in order to offer our clients the most innovative solutions available today.

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