We specialize in agile e-commerce solutions that are built to deliver secure, seamless, and personalized user experiences. Our specialties include customized B2C, B2B and B2B2C E-Commerce projects.  

E-Commerce Consulting Services

Dunn Solutions' e-commerce experience features complex technical integrations, and our capabilities include design, development, hosting, UI/UX, QA, load testing and analytics.  

Today, e-commerce is much more that a transactional site. Having a scalable and robust platform can solve many common pain points that any size company may face.  

Some common challenges we have helped our clients address include: 

  • Having multiple web presences that don't align to your brand 
  • No single user login across multiple web presences for your customers or partners 
  • Difficulty creating a consistent web presence for newly acquired businesses 
  • Inability to manage and update content online across multiple business partners or franchisees 
  • Sites that are not mobile friendly 
  • Legacy applications that require re-platforming 

For example, a state-of-the art back-end platform could allow you to leverage your e-commerce platform to integrate multiple websites and manage multiple brands, offer single-sign on, gather customer data into one source, inventory management, and create a seamless experience for your customers.  

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B2B E-Commerce Development

B2B E-commerce is growing at an ever increasing rate and is currently twice the size of B2C E-commerce. The e-commerce experts at Dunn Solutions have extensive experience building unique and complex B2B solutions.   

B2C E-Commerce Development

Dunn Solutions' e-commerce experts specialize in designing and developing agile B2C e-commerce solutions that are built to deliver secure, seamless and personalized user experiences to online shoppers.

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