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Customer Segmentation

In the past, advanced customer & market segmentation may have been optional and for many years companies have gotten away with targeting the "masses". 

In today's dynamic market space, and with the exponential growth of ecommerce, this is no longer the case.  Customers have specific expectations and the cost of switching from your brand to your competitor's is usually low.  Therefore, in order to remain profitable, companies need to meet those expectations; but there is no universal product or message that appeals to all the customers. This means that modern companies need to know how to divide their customer base into segments of people having the same wants and needs and then market their products with messages that are relevant to that specific segment.

Dunn Solutions' data science team leverages the power of machine learning to identify key differentiators that divide customers into groups that can be targeted more effectively.  With Dunn Solutions Customer & Market Segmentation Consulting, you will gain a deeper understanding of your customers preferences, discover who the most valuable customers are, and classify the new prospects into the correct segment.

Customer Segmentation Solutions - Third Level Simple Subsection

Customer Segmentation Solutions

Email Campaign Optimization

Did you know that 89 out of 100 marketers make the same mistake when they create an email marketing campaign?   The mistake is that they send an email to the entire marketing database.  That's right!  89% of marketers do not segment their database and opt instead for an email blast in the hope that, out of the many, some will respond.  But research has shown that this tactic comes at a great cost:

  • 27% unsubscribe from receiving further messages
  • 23% mark the email as Spam
  • 60% of emails are deleted without being opened

You can now see that your "inexpensive marketing channel" can actually decrease future customer lifetime value.

Is your organization dicing and slicing your list into optimal segments and crafting specific messages to fit those segments and lifting results?  Dunn Solutions' Customer Segmentation experts will help you create the optimal segmentation to:

  • Increase Conversion Rates: by sending content that is relevant to the specific segment, you will increase your ROI on email campaigns
  • Strengthen customer loyalty: by understanding the unique needs of a specific segment you can address concerns and cultivate deeper relationships
  • Improve deliverability: as you increase email engagement, your sender reputation will improve, and your emails will not end up in SPAM folders
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Classify Newly Acquired Customers

You have finally acquired a new customer.  How do you plan on making sure he or she returns for a repeat purchase?  Unlike active customers, new customers have no history upon which you can build your marketing strategies.  However, they will have some traits that they share with other segments.  Placing your new customers into the correct group means that, even with limited information, you can still send relevant messaging to them, increasing the chance that they will return and become loyal to the brand.

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Customer and Market Segmentation Attributes

Dunn Solutions' Sales Customer and Market Segmentation will be based on one or more sets of attributes

  • Demographics: Age, Gender, Income, Education, Occupation, etc.
  • Psychographics: Lifestyle, Social Media Activity, Values, Opinions, Interests, etc.
  • Geography: Country, City, Language, Climate, Population etc.
  • Behavioral: User status, Buyer life cycle stage, Engagement level, Purchasing patterns, Product affinity

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