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Data Lake Consulting

The challenge with data is that there is so much of it, so much so that it is impossible to consume and analyze as fast as it is being produced.  Much of this data is streaming and transient, if you don't capture it when it's produced you will never get the chance to analyze it.  IoT data, social media data carrying valuable insight simply goes untapped.  Dunn Solutions' data lake consultants will help you capture and store this valuable information in a data lake so that your analysts and research teams have data to find the next big thing, whether it be a trend, anomaly or actionable insight. 

Dunn Solutions' data lake consultants will work with you to: 

  • Create a data lake that supports the five zones: raw zone, structured zone, curated zone, consumer zone, & analytics zone.

  • Provide your data hungry data scientists, researchers and analysts access to all the raw data they could want: Social media data, streaming data, IoT data in any form. 

  • Apply schema (structure) at consumption time (ELT) when you know how it's going to be used.

Dunn Solutions' data lake consultants have extensive experience in traditional data warehouse and business intelligence and understand where the line is drawn between traditional data warehouses and data lakes as well as how these two data platforms can work together to give your organization a flexible environment for discovery and a structured environment for business process.  

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Data Lake Consulting

Data Lake Consulting Features

Store All the Data

Our data lake experts will set up a cloud-based data lake to store and process any type of data from any source.  This includes relational third normal form structured data, XML, CSV, Text, JSON, and more. 

Dunn Solutions is an AWS, MS Azure and Snowflake partner. Dunn Solutions' data lake experts will help you determine which cloud platform is right for your data lake. 

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Why not use your enterprise data warehouse?


The enterprise data warehouse holds your organizations' business process metrics, it only contains highly processed data used for measuring business process KPIs and metrics. More importantly, the enterprise data warehouse requires weeks and months of lead time before new data sources can be introduced. It has valuable information, but not the raw data needed for your data discovery teams. 

Data scientists, analysts and research teams need more than the purified and pristine data found in the warehouse, they want all the data that is available – and they need it now. Dunn Solutions' data lake experts will create a data lake (in the cloud, that's where it belongs) and provide you with a modern data warehouse architecture for all your data; raw, structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. 

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Real time, Near Real Time

Dunn Solutions' data lake consultants can set up your data lake to accept real-time and near real-time data.  Using streaming technologies; AWS Kinesis & Firehose, Azure Stream Analytics, replication tools like Fivetran and HVR, data from your transactional systems, 3rd party data, social media, and IoT devices can be captured and stored near real time for processing, analyzing and machine learning. 

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Dunn Solutions' data lake consultants will show you how to provide controlled and managed access to discovery data in your data lake.  Data lakes provide your data discovery teams with one repository to find and process data.  It's not a free for all, access must be secured and rules put in place to ensure your data lake does not become a data swamp. 

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Extend the Data Warehouse

Dunn Solutions' data lake consultants will show you how the data lake and the data warehouse work together to augment your data landscape.  Data lakes augment your data landscape in two major ways; first as an almost limitless staging area for the ETL process and second, as a data repository that allows data exploration to include both the Data Lake's raw data and the Data Warehouse's processed data. 

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